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Nothing was small to the Relief Society of Tigray

Mr. Teklewoini Assefa, the Executive Director of Relief Society of Tigray (REST), told journalists more about the role of Diasporas during the arm struggle. In his session of press conference with media people organized by the Bureau of Public Relations concerning the contribution of Tigrayan Diasporas for the establishment of REST, Mr. Teklewoini Assefa appreciated the then all round Diaspora provisions which were shared for REST and was very critical for its existence as humanitarian wing.

According to him, their contributions were provided in different forms. Some of them were involved in project preparation in order to have strategic projects for future resource. Still some of them were engaged in fund raising activities in order to have strong financial ground. Having strong national feeling almost all contributed their lion share to the Relief Society of Tigray by mobilization, knowledge transfer, money contribution, committed struggle support and even some of them paid their lime being part of the humanitarian institution, REST.

  • It is very common to see the farmers of Tigray growing crops using the rain water. They were not selective and market oriented. Simply they grow crops like Maize, Millet, Sorghum, Wheat, Teff and the like only in the rainy season. Now a day, the farmers are growing different common crops, cash crops and fruits in the dry season using irrigation. As a result of this, they are maximizing their income and become competitive /subsistence free.

    In the very warm weather condition of Ethiopian winter, a farmer is working in his garden. It is in the mid day. Our crew met him watering his garden using water pump from the river near his farm. It is a very green farm with different types of fruits and vegetables. We all said Wow! How strong is this man? We all asked our self about the commitment of this farmer who is committed enough to change his life.

    Tekleweyni Gereme is a farmer in central zone, Mereb-Leke wereda, Tabia Medhin. He is 51 years old and hard working man. Teklewyni is the head of the house hold and having six family sizes with four kids. He welcomed us with his warm greetings and when we tell him we are from the Relief Society of Tigray /REST/, the most successful and sole committed local NGO, he becomes very happy and started to show us his farm land. It is about o.75 hectare. He has another garden that he started in 2006 which is 0.25 hectare of land. He grows different kinds of fruits and vegetables in this farm also; such us Mangoes, Oranges, Lemon, Bananas and the forth. Tekleweyni is optimistic and says “everything is possible” if someone is committed to do that.