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Bench terraces and the Landless youngsters

Population is growing rapidly. The land cannot be divided more than this. As a result the number of landless youngsters is increasing from time to time. Because of the fast increment of the landless youngsters there is economic problem in the youngsters’ side. To solve this problem different activities are going on. These activities will contribute to the eradication of poverty in the region as well the country as a whole and solve the problem of landlessness.

In wereda Degua Temben, as it tried to indicate in the above, there are many landless youngsters. In the 2013/14 many bench terraces are constructed and many youngsters become beneficiary. Many landless youngsters formed different cooperatives and using the bare land around their village. Among the Tabias that made their youngsters beneficiary from the bench terraces one is Tabia Seret. 48 landless youngsters formed cooperatives.

Priest Aregawi G/her is beneficiary and chairperson of the cooperative. He says “we all the members of the cooperative are youngsters from the age of 20-35.we are landless and dependent on our families plot of land. Because of the lands smallness and less productivity we were in problem to full fill our needs. Because of these reasons we were forced to migrate to other areas. As a result were facing many challenges. At this time REST the made as settle in our village. This was a bare land for many years. The bare land changed in to garden and we are producing many vegetables and the most important thing that we took a lesson from this good job is if you did with great commitment and dedication nothing is impossible.” This is an impressive job and they start to get income from their mounts and hills by conserving them.